Have an EV 7 Day Experience absolutely free with your Polar Plus membership!

Polar Plus gives you the opportunity to drive our fantastic fleet of EVs, including a Tesla Model X, BMW i8 and Tesla Model S, as well as many more!

By collecting 10 Polar Plus points every time you charge on the Polar Network in a different town each month, you can then bid on our fleet of vehicles below between the 1st and 10th of each month, for an experience in the following month.

The Polar EV Experience Fleet of Cars

  Car Electric Range Total Range
Top Speed
0-60 Domestic Charge POLAR Points  
BMW i8 20-25 330 155 3.6 3 hrs 100
Tesla Model S 275 275 139 5.2 8 hrs 70
BMW i3 150 150 93 7.2 6 hrs 50
Renault Zoe 125 120 84 8.2 6-8 hrs 30
Tesla Model X 275 275 155 2.9 8 hrs 150

To see our full terms and conditions for the EV Experience weeks, please click here.