Frequently Asked Questions

How many charge points does Polar cover?

We have over 7,000 charge points located nationwide and continue to install new charge points every single month.

How much does Polar Plus cost?

Polar Plus is just £7.85 per month for access to over 7,000 charge points, with the first 3 months subscription free! Some of our charging points are then free to use with the subscription, and the others you will pay from just 12p per kWh (inc. VAT). To see exactly which charge points are free or to view full tariffs, please visit our map here.

Tariff (per kWh) AC charger 43 AC / 50kW DC charger 150kW DC charger
Polar Plus 12p 15p 20p
Polar Instant 18p 25p 35p
Contactless N/A 30p 40p

How do I access the charge points?

We send out RFID key fobs or cards to our members as we find this is the quickest and easiest way to access the units. You can find our full user guides here.

We will send out your Polar Plus network card or key fob (via Royal Mail 1st class post) within 5-7 working days of receiving your completed application. As soon as you receive your card, you are free to start charging. If you need to use the network before then, please use our Polar instant app. For any issues, please call our 24/7 helpline on 0330 016 5126.

Why do you need my Direct Debit details?

New Polar Plus customers receive the first 3 months subscription costs free of charge, saving £23.55. However, we do need to take your Direct Debit details for any costs that you may incur at chargeable posts within the free period. The majority of posts are free to use so it’s possible you may not have any monthly costs at all during the first three months. You can see which charge points are free to use and which are have chargeable tariffs with our Live Map.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account at any time, but please be aware that your card will stop working immediately. To do so, please login to your account and scroll down to the bottom of your Account section. Click on the button ‘Cancel account’. Please note: we cannot cancel your account over the phone or via email.

What cables do I need?

Destination chargers: To charge on most public chargers, you will need a Type 2 public charging cable. Dependent on your car, this will be a Type 1-to-Type 2 (e.g. Japanese vehicles) or a Type 2-to-Type 2 (for other vehicles). Some cars come already equipped with these cables, but if yours didn’t or you require a replacement, you can find out more or purchase these from BP Chargemaster.

Rapid chargers: Rapid chargers are equipped with charging cables so you don’t need to bring or connect a separate cable. Simply choose the connector that works for you.

Can I see my monthly charges?

We’ll send out your monthly summary by email each month, at least 10 days before debiting your account. However, you can also track your recharges at any point during the month by logging in to the website and selecting ‘Billing’ or ‘Charges’.

If I need help using a charge point what do I do?

Firstly, we recommend taking a look at our guides to electric vehicle charging by clicking here. They’re simple to read and can often answer all the questions you may have. If you still need help, please call us on 0330 016 5126 in an emergency or drop us an email to This line is manned 24/7 and one of our team will be there to help you.

How do I use the Charge Your Car network?

Your Polar network RFID card or key fob is enabled to allow you to charge on the CYC network in England and Wales from 2017. Most of these charge points are free to use but some may incur higher electricity costs than those on the Polar network. You can see which charge points are free to use and which have chargeable tariffs with our Live Map. You will not be charged a connection fee to use the CYC charge points when using your Polar card or fob.

How do I collect Polar points?

Polar Plus members can collect 10 Polar points every time they charge on the Polar network in a different town/city each month; these points can then be redeemed for rewards. For full details about our Redemption Rewards Scheme, visit our Rewards page. 

What should I do if I lose my card or key fob?

If you lose your network access card or believe it has been stolen, please visit your account page and visit the replacement card section. We will immediately disable your lost Polar Plus network card and send out a new one to your registered address. A service fee of £10 will be added to your next monthly invoice.

How do I change my direct debit?

To change your direct debit details, please visit your account and click the cancel button and log out. Once you log back in, you’ll see a red banner across the top of the screen that asks you to complete your direct debit. Click on this banner and re-enter your new details. You will need to give our Customer Service team a call on 0330 016 5126 to reactivate your Polar card.