How much does it cost to charge on the Polar Network?

How much does a Polar Plus Membership cost?

Polar Plus is just £7.85 per month for access to over 7,000 charge points, with the first 3 months absolutely free! The majority of our charging points are then free to use, and the others are from just 12p per kWh (inc. VAT). To see exactly which charge points are free or to view full tariffs, please visit our map here.

How much does Polar Instant cost?

If you prefer a more instant way of accessing our charging points, you can download the Polar Instant app, which you will be able to use to access our charging points on an adhoc basis. You will need to top up the app with credit and start and stop your charging via the app (meaning units in areas without much mobile signal will be more difficult to use). Every charge will come with a minimum transaction fee of £1.20 per charge and will have a minimum top up cost of £10

Can I use my contactless bank card?

On our rapid chargers (50kW) and our ultra-fast chargers (150kW) units it is possible to use your contactless bank card to start, pay for and stop a charge. There will be a reserve of £15 taken on 50kW contactless units before a charge has taken place, there will be a reserve of £30 taken on 150kW units.

What is the tariff price of electricity on Polar posts on the network?

Tariff (per kWh) AC charger 43 AC / 50kW DC charger 150kW DC charger
Polar Plus 12p 15p 20p
Polar Instant 18p 25p 35p
Contactless N/A 30p 40p

Are there any additional charges I may have to pay?

To ensure these charging units are being used appropriately, we listened to our customer feedback, and introduced an over-stay fee policy in May 2018. A £10 fee applies per hour after 90 minutes of charging at the unit, and this is charged directly from your Polar Instant credit or added to your monthly Polar Plus bill.

What about posts which aren’t hosted on Polar?

There will be some posts which are not owned by the network, but owned by the site host. There will be some posts which have separate tariffs which has been determined by the host. To view a charging units individual price tariff, please View our live map and search for the unit/address.

How do I view my charging history?

Polar Plus – log in to your Polar Plus account and click on ‘charges’ you will be sent a monthly invoice to your registered email address with the costs.

Polar Instant – in your app, you will be able to see your charging history.

Contactless – should you need a receipt, you will need to email with your contact information, the charging point number and location, the date and time charged and the amount.

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions for pricing of the Polar Network?

Click here for Polar Plus Scheme Terms
Click here for Polar Instant Scheme Terms
Click here for Contactless payment Terms